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  • 武汉轻工大学专升本英语考试的题型有单选、完形填空、阅读理解、翻译以及作文。





It was when we were returning home ________ I realized what a good feeling it was to have helped someone in trouble.

A. which B. that C. where D. how


解析:强调句型:It is(was)+被强调部分+that(who)…句义:正是当我回家的时候,我才意识到帮助别人于危难之时感觉是多么令人愉快,故选B。



Alia Baker is a librarian in Iraq. Her library used to be a ① place for all who loved books and liked to share knowledge. They ② various matters all over the world. When the war was near, Alia was ③ that the fires of war would destroy the books, which are more ④ to her than mountain of gold. The books are in every language — new books, ancient books, ⑤ a book on the history of Iraq that is seven hundred years old.(试题节选)

1. A. meeting    B. working  

1. C. personal   D. religious

2. A. raised   B. handled  

2. C. reported   D. discussed

3. A. worried   B. angry    

3. C. doubtful   D. curious

4. A. practical  B. precious  

4. C. reliable   D. expensive

5. A. then   B. still    

5. C. even    D. rather


1.A  2.D  3.A  4.B  5.C


Wall Street is the name of a street in New York and very famous in the whole world. It is the financial center of the USA, exerting a significant influence upon the world's economy. Hetty Green, who was born in 1835, was nicknamed the Wizard(奇才) of Wall Street. She became almost a legendary figure in Wall Street, because she made a lot of money buying and selling shares in companies.(试题节选)

1.Wall Street is ______.

A. the name of Chinatown in New York

B. the nickname of New York

C. the financial center of America

D. the tourist center of USA

2.Hetty Green was nicknamed the Wizard of Wall Street because she ______.

A. inherited a large sum of money

B. made a large sum of fortune with shares

C. built up a large company on shares

D. was very queer and cruel


1.C 细节题。文段的前两句交代了Wall Street 的性质。本题也可以利用常识确认答案。

2.B 细节题。文段最后一句说明了她的这个绰号的由来,是因为她买卖股票赚了很多钱。


1. 他的叔叔过去住在乡下,现在住在城里。(used)

His uncle used to live in the country. Now he lives in the city.

2. 他一点也不喜欢喝咖啡,宁可喝茶。(prefer)

He doesn’t like coffee at all, but he prefers tea.



We know the Internet is playing a more and more important part in our daily life. We can do lots of things by surfing the Internet.For example,some students often surf the Internet to find something good for their study ,by surfing the Internet,they can learn a lot and make a great progress.When we are free,we often chat with our friends or family members.In the past,if we live very far from our friends or family members we can only write letters to each other,but now Internet can solve this problem ,we can even talk or see each other on computers.Also ,we can play games on weekends ,they can help us relax.Of course we can also do many other things on computers.In one word,Internet is really important in our life now.




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