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  • 有点怕统考考试?别担心,认真复习就会有好结果,下面小编给大家奉上大学英语B考试科目的综合练习题,大家一定要抽空做一做哦!



1.-Hello, may I speak to Zhao Hua?


A.My name is Zhao Hua

B.I'm Zhao Hua

C.This is Zhao Hua speaking

D.Zhao Hua is me


2.- That's a beautiful cat. I wonder who it belongs to.

- _________

A.It belongs to the Browns.

B.The cat is my favourite too.

C.Mind your own business.

D.I can't say anything more.


3.- I'm sorry for being late, Mr Lt.

- ___________.

A.All right

B.That's right

C.Not at all

D.Never mind


4.- How tall is your sister?

- _________

A.She is not very well.

B.She is 28 years old.

C.She is very nice.

D.She is as tall as I am.


5.- Good morning, may I speak to Mark, please?

- _________

A.Who's there?

B.Who's that speaking?

C.Who are you?

D.Who wants to speak to Mark?


小彩旗 饰 婴宁(青丘狐传说)


One day a policeman was taking a thief to the city police station. On their way they came to a shop where bread was sold.

"We have no food. And we must eat something on the train." said the thief. "It's a long way to the city and it will take us much time to get there. I'll go into this shop and buy some bread. Then you and I can eat it on the train. Wait here for me."

The policeman was glad, "I'll have some food on the train," he thought. "Be quick," he said to the thief. "We haven't much time."

The thief went into the shop, and the policeman waited in the street for a long time. He began to worry. He thought about the train, and at last he went into the shop.

"Where's that man who came in here to buy some bread?" asked the policeman.

"Oh, he went out by the back door," said the shopkeeper.

The policeman ran out but he could not see the thief. So he had to go back to his own station and tell the others about it. They were very angry with him, and he was very unhappy.

All the police of the town began to look for the thief again, and they soon caught him. They brought him back to the police station and called the same policeman."

"Now," said the officer, "take him to the city, and don't lose him again."

The policeman and the thief left the station, and they came to the same shop.

"Wait here," said the thief. "I want to go into that shop and buy some bread."

"Oh, no," said the policeman. "You did that once, and ran away. This time, I'll go into the shop and buy the bread, and you must wait here for me."

6.The policeman was asked to look for the thief.




7.When they got to the station, the policeman and the thief found a shop where bread was sold.




8.The thief entered the shop in order to steal some money.




9.When the thief went into the shop, the policeman waited for him in the street.




10.The policeman might losethe thief for the second time.




One day a bookseller(书商)let a big box of books fall on his foot. "Go to see the doctor," said his wife. "No, "he said. "I'll wait until the doctor comes into the shop next time. Then I'll ask him about my foot. If I go to see him, I'll have to pay him."

On the next day the doctor came into the shop for some books. When the bookseller was getting them ready, he told the doctor about his bad foot. The doctor looked at it.

"You must put that foot in hot water every night. Then you must put something on it," said the doctor.

He took out a piece of paper and wrote on it. "Buy this and put it on the foot before you go to bed every night," he said.

"Thank you," said the bookseller. "And now, sir, here are your books."

"How much?" said the doctor.

"Two pounds."

"Good," said the doctor. "I shall not have to pay you anything."

"Why?" asked the bookseller.

"I told you about your foot. I want two pounds for that. If people come to my house, I ask them to pay one pound for a small thing like that. But when I go to their houses, I want two pounds. And I came here, didn't I?"

11.What happened to the bookseller one day?

A.He lost a box of books.

B.His foot was wounded by a box of books.

C.He lent the doctor a box of books.

D.He sold out all his books.


12.The bookseller's wife asked him ______. go out for some medicine send somebody for a doctor go to see the doctor wait for the doctor to come


13.The bookseller didn't take his wife's advice because ______.

A.he was afraid of the doctor

B.he didn't like to take medicine

C.he couldn't walk by himself

D.he didn't want to pay the doctor


14.The doctor paid ______ for the books. pound

B.two pounds




15.The bookseller paid ______ money for seeing the doctor in the end.



C.the same amount of





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